What’s your decorating style? Traditional, coastal, contemporary? If you’re not sure what your style is, don’t worry and don’t think that you’re alone! With all the different home furnishings and accessories available today it’s easy to get confused or even a little intimated.modern

There is a pretty simple exercise that can give you some insight as to your true decorating style.  Thumb through decorating magazines, looking for rooms that you find appealing, even if some aren’t the same kind of space that you’re thinking about decorating right now. Don’t limit yourself to overall looks that you like; search for individual ideas – like storage solutions, a simple floor plan, a stunning wall covering or a simple sofa.

If you don’t have a Pinterest account, be sure to check it out!  This is another great way to browse and ‘pin’ the things that catch your eye, to a virtual bulletin board that you can save and refer to.  You can see some of my Pinterest Boards here.

When you have a pretty good idea what your decorating style is, consider working with an Interior Decorator. Using an interior decorating can be a really good investment. Not only can we save you time and money, but we can tell you precisely where to go to find the right furnishings and we can offer advice on where you can save and where you should splurge.

Often, we can find creative new ways that you can incorporate pieces that you already have.  The right Interior Decorator for you is someone with whom you can be completely honest – and vice versa.  You should be able to talk openly about what you do and don’t like and what you can and can’t afford.  We have access to many furniture lines that you won’t find in retail stores; these “to-the-trade” pieces can only be purchased through us.

Some decorators will charge a flat fee for a project, while others will bill by the hour. Or they may charge a percentage of materials and labor or even go by “cost plus”, where you’ll pay retail costs for your furnishings and the decorator’s fee is the difference between that price and what she or she paid wholesale.

E-decorating is also another great way for you to work with a professional Interior Decorator at a fraction of the price!

To learn more about the Interior Decorating and e-decorating services available through Forgie Home Staging  & Redesign, call us at 800-398-0429

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Beach Living Room


Shabby Chic

Traditional Living Room

Traditional Living Room2

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