We’ve got some very talented Realtors in the Asheville area and I love meeting with them and learning about their business.   Yesterday, I met with a Realtor who told me about the awesome team of professionals he recently added to his team. An appraiser, home inspector and mortgage lender.

Of course, my first question was to ask him what home staging company he works with.  He looked a little puzzled and said that he doesn’t work with anyone. He stages his listings himself.  Interesting.

I think Realtors that try to stage their own listings are great! They get it! They understand the importance of home staging.  So what separates the Top Producing Agent from the average Realtor? Leverage.

Realtors whose listings are actually selling in this market are not doing their own appraisals, inspecting their own properties or processing their buyer’s loan applications. And they’re definitely not staging their own properties.

What they are doing is leveraging their time so they can focus on getting more listings. They recognize that professional home staging is a full time profession.   Instead of spending time staging their seller’s home, they focus on getting qualified buyers to see the property. They understand that just because they can stage a home, doesn’t mean they should.

Top producing agents don’t waste their valuable time or worse, alter their client’s perception by trying to serve multiple roles. They understand the importance of home staging and the role a professional home stager plays on their team. They focus on what they do best and partner with the rest!

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Source: House Staging Options

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