Real Estate Marketing Asheville Waynesville HendersonvilleIf you’re a home seller, listing your home with a Realtor might be your only option when trying to sell your home.  The requirement to pay 5%, 6% or even 7% in commission is often non-negotiable, yet many home sellers have no idea exactly what their Realtor is doing to market their home and earn their commission.

If your Realtor is trying to market your home by placing a small photo in a few local home selling magazines; putting a few more photos on, their company website, their own website and few other free websites; printing up some flyers and mailing out some postcards, and then asking you to do a price reduction (or a second or third price reduction), when none of these things bring you a qualified buyer,  you should seriously consider scheduling a home seller consultation with Forgie Home Staging & Redesign.

Remember, your Realtor works for you and you’ve agreed to pay them a lot of money to do their job. And although sometimes we have to have tough conversations and ask for specific results, at the end of the day, your home is probably your single, largest investment and it’s going to take a lot of work in today’s real estate market to get it sold.

For over a decade we have helped home sellers Prepare, Package and Promote their home so when they walk away from the closing table, they retain as much of their home equity as possible. We work with sellers, Realtors and For-Sale-by-Owners (FSBO’s) and together, create a solid, aggressive and effective marketing plan that not only attracts qualified buyers, but results in a SALE!

If your home is listed with a Realtor and you have hadn’t had any offers, call us today at 828-246-9303 to  schedule a consultation.





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