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Home Staging

Are you fed up with the fact that your home continues to be FOR SALE instead of SOLD?  Are you ready to swallow hard and maybe hear some things you don’t want to hear but need to hear? 

After performing price reductions and losing even more equity, the fact is, if you’re not getting offers it’s because your home is just not appealing to home buyers.  And that’s got to change if you really want to sell your house.

I always ask my prospective clients – “What has to happen before you’re willing to change what you’re doing”? Another price reduction? More loss of your equity? A few more months of testing the market?   We all know the definition of insanity –   Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.

 The bottom line is that when selling a house, everyone has the same goal – to sell it quickly and for the most money possible.  But the challenge is finding a way, beyond pricing, to compete in this highly competitive market. 

We’ve helped hundreds of home sellers meet the challenge!  Our home staging services are affordable and effective and our clients are ready and willing to listen. They’re fed up and they want results. Now! 

If you’re ready to consider that something has to change, and that at this point, you don’t have much to lose, give us a call!  We’ll schedule a consultation and together, we’ll see if we can’t make a difference! 


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