Hello! I’m Joanna, a writer for Arcadian Lighting—a must-shop source for beautiful lighting fixtures of all styles and finishes. I’m excited to be guest posting today to share with you some of my favorite studio spaces. You’ll find even the tiniest of spaces can be big on appeal. Spacious Studio Loft This little studio features a living and dining area and a loft. The tall ceilings make it feel more spacious. I think it would be fun to decorate a smaller space such as this. Open Space Studio This modern studio boasts a simple layout of living area and dining areas with enough open space to move around freely. The wall of windows offer plenty of natural light and make the room feel larger. Large Seating Area Studio A studio apartment is divided into multiple seating areas. The white décor gives it an open, airy feel. The light fixture is quite interesting. Open Plan Studio I love the look of this open plan studio with its grey and white walls. The leather chair is balanced out by the chest to the right. A woven rug and fur pillows add texture to the space. The mirror above the mantle adds depth. Library Office Space A small studio features a library/office filled with books and found objects. The white furnishings keep the space open. I love the tulip chair with pink cushion and the white sofa table as a desk. Accent Wall Bedroom Even this tiny space is appealing and has plenty of room for necessities. The accent wall adds interest and delineates the space. A curtain is added at the bedroom for privacy. Glamorous City Studio This glamorous space is actually a small city studio. The grey walls and floor offer a pretty palette for the vibrant colors introduced through the furniture and accessories. The crystal ceiling lighting fixture adds to the drama of the space. High Rise Studio A city high rise features its own good size studio apartment. Dramatic black and white give a sophisticated elegance to the space and the ceiling lighting adds a great accent. The zebra rug anchors the elements of the room.

Which studio has the biggest appeal?  Comment below and come visit Arcadian Lighting for more studio inspirations!

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