Staging Your Home When selling your home, the most important thing you need to do after choosing the right real estate agent and pricing it correctly, it to attract as many potential home buyers as possible!

As a home seller, you’re competing with all of the other homes for sale in your area! These  Home Staging Tips will help assure that your home stands out in the eyes of a buyer.

  • Who is your home buyer? A family with small children? A retiree?   Think function first!
  • Stand in the doorway of each room and determine whether rearranging the furniture, removing or adding pieces, will help to create a more distinctive and effective floor plan. Make sure that your floor plan creates distinct spaces!
  • Less is more!  Remove heavy pieces of furniture that interfere with the rooms circulation and flow!
  • Not all of your rooms need to be the same color, but you should have a color scheme that will appeal to the widest number of home buyers. Need help with this? Check our our e-Perfect Paint Palette™.  Mention this blog post and get 25% off your purchase!
  • Paint an accent wall or use color to create a focal point! Color can really help to define a space!
  • Think multi-functional if you are going to add any new pieces to a room! An ottoman that doubles as a coffee table or for storing pillows and blankets!
  • Use artwork to add color to a room!  This is a great way to pull a room together and artwork doesn’t have to cost a fortune!
  • Choose your accent pieces and accessories to add warmth to a room!

Staging your home to sell is so important! If you run into any trouble,
try our e-Home Staging™ services . For each and every room, your e-Home Staging Plan™  will include:

  • e-Space Planning™ –  Exactly where each and every piece of furniture needs to go!
  • e-Home Organization™ – De-clutter Tips! What to Keep, What to Store for each and every room!
  • e-Color Consultation™ – Painting recommendations. What you need to do in each room to appeal to a home buyer!
  • e-Home Selling Tips™ – Marketing your home to sell.  How to do it right!


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From home sellers to Realtors, we guarantee that if you follow the proven methods found in your e-Home Staging Plan™, you will see dramatic results!

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