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Willow House - Affordable Home Decor & Home AccessoriesAs a home stager and interior decorator, I’m constantly searching for companies that offer beautiful and stylish home decor and home accessory products that I can offer to my clients, blog readers and friends. I found such a company in Willow House.

At Willow House, we embody grace, warmth, and a bit of magic. Like our namesake willow, we sway with the trends but are not overwhelmed by them. We are strong, responsive to the seasons, and always beautiful. Our roots keep us firmly grounded in our core beliefs as we impact the world with a touch that is ever-confident and featherlight.

Galveston Square Serving Tray
Galveston Square Serving Stand
Celebration Cake Dome
Celebration Cake Dome

Napa Tray


Napa Tray


Each week I will be bringing you my favorite pieces as well as the opportunity to purchase beautiful home decor and home accessory items at fantastic discount.

You can get a quick peek here, and then you will complete your purchase on my Willow House website.  If you would like to receive the new Fall/Winter 2012 Catalog, just send me your name and address via email, and I’ll get it right out to you.  

 This week I’m featuring these beautiful Italian Stitch pieces in a deep, matte espresso color. The creamy stitching gives them an ideal finishing touch!  These are located in the Outlet section of my store and will go quickly!

In addition to the fabulous items you can purchase through my Willow House store, I’d like to share with you some of my favorite places to shop! Whether I’m providing home staging services, interior design or e-decorating, these stores offer the very best prices on home decor and home accessories!  You can find everything you need to decorate your home without breaking your budget!

Happy Shopping!

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