Step 2 – We Get to Work

Forgie Home Staging & Redesign

Step 2:  We Get to Work

Now it’s time for us to get to work!

  • First, we carefully review your Questionnaire and all of the information we’ve gathered about your style, color preferences and things you find most inspiring.
  • We look at all of the room photographs you’ve sent as well as any furniture, accessories or window treatments that you want to keep. We pour over any inspirational photos or magazine clippings you have sent and begin to brainstorm about the design, textures, look and feel your new room should have, in the style you want.
  • Using the room measurements, we begin to create a scale of your new room.We spend a great deal of time choosing, sourcing and coordinating paint colors, fabrics, furniture and accessories and create a lovely and detailed Design Plan of your new room.
  • We create beautiful storyboards and room renderings that will help to create your new room design.
  • We create your special swatch books and samples of fabric, paint, furniture and accessories as well as detailed descriptions and instructions on how to pull the entire look together.
  • We recommend superior products and vendors based upon quality, reputation, durability, and overall value. Based on your budget, our recommendations may include a range of  high-end products as well as moderately priced retail quality products.
  • We design your new room Personal Portfolio Binder which includes sections on your Design Plan, a detailed shopping list as well as where to shop, Tips & Tricks that address special areas or topics unique to you, information on our customer loyalty discount program and a wonderful guide on How to Create Great Focal Points.
  • We carefully prepare your new Room Design In a Box and ship it to your door






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