Now that I am in the Asheville and Waynesville area full-time, I’ve been doing some research on the homes for sale in our area and I have to say, I’m pretty shocked by the photos.  You’ve got less than 15 seconds to grab a buyers attention and those photos better be gorgeous or they will right click, and move on to the next house.

I’ve never understood the theory of just snapping some random pictures and throwing them up on, Zillow and other websites that most buyers visit before they even call a Realtor.  And if that’s how your Realtor is marketing your property, maybe it’s time to kick it up a notch.

Forgie Home Staging & Redesign offers some really great and affordable packages that will help you and/or your Realtor make your real estate marketing and MLS photos stand out from your competition!  Call us today to schedule a consultation! 828-246-9303 and visit our  Photo Styling & MLS Photography page for more info!



What is wrong with this picture? No curb appeal. Outdated photo.  Car in driveway. No color. Long driveway instead of focus on home. Remember, if they don’t like the outside, they’ll never make it to the inside.




What is wrong with this picture?  Really? A perfect example of just taking a random photo and throwing it up on the website.  This room needs to be staged and decluttered.



What is wrong with this picture?  Vacant homes are hard to sell. Buyers want to see a warm, cozy home that they can imagine themselves living in. Before you do yet another price reduction, contact Forgie Home Staging & Redesign for a Vacant Home Staging Consultation.  It’s a lot more affordable than you think!



What is wrong with this picture? Dark, dreary, no colors. Throw some flowers in the planter at least. Give the property some inexpensive curb appeal.


Photo Source: North Carolina MLS

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