Ready for Resale™

Ready for Resale

Is your home Ready for Resale?  Our home staging packages are designed to help sellers, for sale-by-owner’s and Realtors “prepare, package and promote”™ the property, by showcasing its best features, attracting buyers, and most importantly, making them fall in love with your home!

Emotions play a big role in buying a home and our designers are experts in knowing exactly what to do in those critical first 17 seconds, to attract and hold a home buyers attention!

How Do You Do It?

We make decorative changes using your existing furnishings and home accessories! Using professional and affordable home decorating, interior re-design and photo-styling techniques, we create beautiful rooms, designed to illicit emotions in the home buyer, that result in increased showings, written offers and higher home sales!

What Are My Options?

Immediately following the home staging consultation, we will provide you with a written proposal, recommending one of our three most popular and affordable home staging packages! 

  • Photo Styling & Professional Photography – Our most popular service!
  • DIY Home Staging – For the  home that is already well staged and that just needs professional design expertise & guidance! Perfect for the “Do-It-Yourselfer”!
  • Get it Sold – Full day of Professional Home Staging –  We will spend all day transforming your home into a buyers dream!

Our Ready for Resale™ program is available to homeowners and Realtors living and working locally, or for anyone in the country via our e-Home Staging services.

If you have any questions please call or email us anytime!


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