I’m a big fan of pillows! I use lots of them, everywhere I can!  I love mixing different sizes, shapes and textures to make my sofas look both attractive and cozy.  Here are some of my tips!

  1. Mix and match your fabrics – Never use the same pillow fabric as your sofa upholstery.  Try to limit patterned fabrics to one set of pillows per sofa. Layer colors, vary prints with solids, and mix textures for the most interest.
  2. Start from the outside and work towards the center – Select a matching set of pillows that are either 24″ or 22″ inches square to place on the far right and far left of your sofa. Work your way towards the center with a set of slightly smaller square pillows.
  3. Throw in a different shape – To keep the look from feeling to symmetrical, I usually include a smaller, rectangular pillow made from a third fabric that’s different but coordinates nicely.
  4. Fluff them up and fill them right – Down fillers are always preferable to polyester inserts. They are more comfortable and better looking. If allergies are a problem, try high-quality hpoallergenic down.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match! Try something new!

Until next time,



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