e-MoodBoard™ The Cavanaugh family was forced to downsize from a fairly large home, into a fairly small apartment.  Hiring a decorator was out of the question but hiring Forgie Home Staging & Redesign to create an e-Mood Board™ for only $350.00, was well within their budget.

Mrs. Cavanaugh wanted two things: Bright colors and help figuring out how she was going to store and display her kitchen items with very limited counter and cabinet space.

Although they live 1500 miles away from our studio, by sending us a few photos and chatting with us via Skype, we were able to create a kitchen they simply adore!

The square table and four chairs fit into the kitchen/dining area perfectly! The matching bookshelf is narrow enough to place in the kitchen and will work great for storing the everyday kitchen appliances and the new dishes she fell in love with.

You can view the Cavanaugh Kitchen e-Mood Board™ on our Olioboard. All of the items were sourced locally and within driving distance!  

Call us at 800-398-0429 or email us if you’d like more information on any of our e-decorating services!



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