Interior Redesign ServicesWant to redecorate your home for the fall or holiday season without spending a lot of money? Our Interior Redesign & Home Styling services offers homeowners the opportunity to use their very own furnishings, artwork and accessories to achieve the decorating style, look and feel that they want, at a price they can afford.

We believe that successful interior redesign is the art of using organizational and decorating techniques to create an atmosphere that is comfortable, stress free, beautiful and personal to you. 

A Forgie Home Staging & Redesign Consultant we will help you get a whole new look and feel by transforming a single room or your entire house! Color consultations, personal shopping and e-design services are also available.  We always include a detailed design plan and source recommendations!

We are available to meet with you in person or you can use our virtual eDecorating service.

To schedule an appointment, please call us at 800-398-0429 or send us an email

You can also learn more about our eDecorating Services and our Room in a Box, here.

“The Decorating Style You Want, at a Price You Can Afford


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