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  • What types of payment do you accept? For fast and easy check-out, we accept PayPal.


  • Can I choose the furniture? Yes. Once you complete checkout above you can upload your photos and will be given the ability to choose from our furniture collections.


  • This is too expensive! Compare our virtual staging service to physically staging a house and you will see that our price per photo will save you thousands compared to the cost of hiring a professional stager and then renting an entire household of furniture and accessories. Most people find our Virtual Staging Services to have an incredible return on investment.


  • How do I send you the photos and in what format? For best results we recommend that you email us photos in jpeg format and that they are at least 800 pixels wide. They should be taken at eye level directly across the room (don’t point up at the ceiling or down at the floor). If there are any problems with your photos we’ll be sure to let you know.


  • Can you remove furniture that is already in a photo? In some cases we can cover up or accessorize small furniture items already in a photo. Photos with a lot of furniture will most likely need to be recreated from scratch.


  • How does the guarantee work? If you don’t like the finished product just ask for your money back. You’ll promptly receive a 100% refund. No questions. No hassles.


  • There are two rooms in one photograph does that count twice? No, we only charge per photo so if there is a living and dining room in one photo it still only counts as one photo credit. However, for best results we recommend trying to avoid multiple rooms in one photo to avoid visual clutter.

If you have any questions, please call or email us.

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