e-Home Staging™

e-Home Staging™ We are happy to provide home sellers with virtual home staging via our e-Home Staging Plan™.  It doesn’t matter where you live! Using digital photos, Skype and email, we can help you stage your home and create a look that home buyers will love!

For each and every room, your e-Home Staging Plan™  will include:

  • e-Space Planning™ –  Exactly where each and every piece of furniture needs to go!
  • e-Home Organization™ – De-clutter Tips! What to keep and what to store for each and every room!
  • e-Color Consultation™ – Painting and color recommendations. What you need to do in each room to appeal to a home buyer!
  • e-Home Selling Tips™ – Marketing your home to sell.  How to do it right!


FREE e-Book! Ready for Resale – 6 Things You MUST Do To Prepare Your Home to Sell FAST & for the MOST Money!

From home sellers to Realtors, we guarantee that if you follow the proven methods found in your e-Home Staging Plan™, you will see dramatic results!

“Because first impressions are priceless”

3 Rooms                      $149.00

5 Rooms                      $349.00

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Entire House               $549.00

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If you have any questions please call or email us anytime!


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