DIY Beach Centerpiece

Yesterday while I was browsing some of my favorite sites, I found a beautiful, beach inspired basket that I fell in love with! I’ve been looking for something for my kitchen table that isn’t too expensive and that draws in the beachy blues, browns and creams of my color scheme.

I live in Florida so there are tons of stores that sell coastal and beach home decor, but the prices for some of the things I found were outrageous! So, off I went to Michael’s to get the supplies to make my own DIY beach inspired centerpiece!


This is the first time I’ve made a centerpiece and I didn’t want to buy a large piece of styrofoam and cut it to fit. (You can cut it can’t you???) Anyway, the only other supplies you’ll need is a nice wicker basket; 4 silk hydrangeas in blues; soft greens and/or taupes; some greenery; moss or other filler, and a starfish or pretty shell. And you’ll need a good pair of wire cutters too!

Cut Flowers

I measured the length of my first flower, and then cut the alternate colored flower, just a bit larger.
Add to Basket

Arrange the flowers in the styrofoam anyway that you’d like.   I wanted just a little extra height on mine.  Play around with it until you’re happy and don’t forget the sides and back!

moss and starfish

I choose some moss to use as a filler although Michael’s has lots of other choices too. I just filled in the basket and added a little extra to raise the starfish.


Be sure to arrange it in such a way that all four sides look pretty.


It took me about 30 minutes from start to finish and I spent less than $55.00! Not bad considering the prices on some of the arrangements I found were in excess of $100.00!

My Beach Inspired Centerpiece

I’m pretty happy with the way mine turned out! I hope you decide to give it a try, and if you do, be sure to email me a photo!

Until next time,


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