Eye-catching colors, sumptuous fabrics, and irresistible to-touch textures – any one, or a combination of all three can transform the most ordinary furnishings into something extraordinary.


Colors should speak to the mood you want to create.  You can’t help but feel warm and cozy in a red painted room with a roaring fire, or refreshed in a space done in cool Caribbean blues.  Certain colors are commonly associated with specific spaces.  For example, nurseries are predominately done in soft pastel hues, if not pale pink or blue, then often in soft green or yellow.

As you become more comfortable with the use of color, personal preferences will come into play. Color choice all depends on your senses of style, the purpose of the room and the mood you want to create.

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When it comes to adding character to a room, fabric is just as important as color.  The possibilities it provides in terms of pattern and texture bring another dimension to a room.  A patterned fabric might provide the springboard for an entire color scheme; likewise, a nubby chenille can add tactile interest, all but irresistible to touch.

Whether you love a fine linen in a neutral color or a large-scale cotton floral in brilliant hues, take the time to think about how your going to use the material before you get attached to it. Upholstery fabrics have to wear well, particularly if you have small children or pets. As a general rule, heavy fabrics such as canvas, wool, and leather are more enduring than lighter-weight linen or cotton.

Different factors come into play when selecting fabrics for window treatments.  Billowy balloon shades, for instance, call for lightweight fabrics, while flat curtain panels, can handle heavier materials.

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It may not seem as glamorous as color or pattern, but texture is essential to any room.  Textures add an element of pattern in their own right:  Think nubby chenille and coarse linens, smooth tile and rough-hewn wood. Whether you realize it or not, texture greatly affects the interplay of light, and in turn, how you view your colors and surfaces.

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