Choosing the Perfect Paint PaletteColor plays a big part in selling a house and how you paint your walls can convince a buyer that your home is move-in ready or leave them looking somewhere else. When choosing the perfect color palette, the goal should be to select colors that suit a range of buyer tastes.

Prepare the Walls

Preparing the walls  properly before you paint them is important. Before you begin, take the little extra time to fill-in minor cracks and old picture holes with spackle. Lightly sand window frames, doors and baseboards to make sure your paint will adhere to the surfaces. I recommend that when you prepare your walls you use the same type of base paint that is already on the wall you will be repainting.  

Picking the Perfect Color

Before you begin, think about how the room is most likely to be used by a home buyer and how the room should make them feel. Plain white paint can be a  harsh color for walls, but it’s a great accent color for trimwork and doors. One of my favorites is Interactive Cream SW 6113.  You can use it anywhere and it really makes a great background for hanging wall art.  For the master bedroom, I like calming paint colors. Blue is one of my favorite colors! I love a classy, sophisticated look,  Samovar Silver SW6233 

Remove Outdated Wallpaper

Most buyers don’t like wallpaper and are looking for something, warm, inviting, clean and simple. They definitely don’t want to deal with having to remove wallpaper and paint after they move in. I almost always recommend removing the wallpaper and applying a neutral paint color to the walls.

Don’t Forget the Ceilings

The ceilings are just as important as the walls.  The last thing you want is for a home buyer to see water stains or a gray, dingy ceiling. Before listing your home, I recommend that you paint the ceiling a nice, flat white paint and be sure to use the same color for any crown molding,to give a  consistent, professional look.

Find The Perfect Palette Color Consultation™

There is no doubt about it – picking the right paint color for your walls can be overwhelming. If you are getting ready to sell your home, a Find the Perfect Palette Color Consultationis included with all of our Home Staging plans. If you live out of the area, we can still help!   Our newest e-Perfect Paint Palette™ can get you started right away!

Go Green
 There is no reason not to use paints with low or zero VOCs. They are available everywhere and cost just a bit more than an average gallon of paint. Home buyers won’t wrinkle their nose at the smell,  and most of them will be glad you took the time to be environmentally friendly.

I hope you find these tips useful and informative! Have a wonderful day!

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