A few months ago my oldest daughter moved into her “dream” home.  A downtown condo in the heart of everything those 20-somethings love.  It’s adorable and perfect for her.  The kitchen, as you can imagine, is teeny tiny. The builder is to be commended!  He made great use of every inch space.

Kitchens don’t have to be large to be beautiful, practical and fun. Here are some tips on how to make the most of a small kitchen space!

 Small Kitchens

# 1 – Paint the walls and ceiling in the same shade. This helps corners and boundaries disappear.  Try to paint your cabinets the same color. It really helps to make the room look larger. Try to keep your colors light and bright!

# 2 – Keep the hardware the same tone as the cabinets. For example – use brushed nickel for light colors and oil rubbed bronze for dark.

# 3 – Invest in cabinetry that reaches to the ceiling. It makes the walls seem taller and there is more storage.  Glass doors in cabinets and entry ways can make a room appear larger and brighter.

# 4 – Consider purchasing smaller appliances and try to find cover panels that match your cabinetry doors.

# 5 – Pot racks are great and can free up cabinet space! They can also serve as a beautiful focal point!

# 6 – Backsplashes made with clear tile or mirrors reflect light, which visually appears to open up the space. And if you’re using floor tiles, set them at a diagonal. This is another visual trick that keeps the eye moving and creates the illusion of more space

# 7 – Create an eating area by using a drop table or a small round table with two small chairs that can be tucked into a corner.

# 8 – Create an illusion of space with under cabinet lighting. This will make  the kitchen  appear larger and more pleasing.

Designer TipDecorator Tip! 

When you’ve got a tiny kitchen, keep the counters and islands clear of almost everything except a pretty tablescape!  Sign-up to receive our newsletter and get some great tablescape ideas!



Source: How Stuff Works

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