If you are thinking about selling your home, you should consider home staging before putting it on the market. Here are seven of our home staging tips to get you started:

1. What is your very first impression? You only get one chance to make a good first impression! Walk through each room and ask your self “What’s the First Impression I get when I look at this space”? Start at the curb and work your way through your home. If anything is giving you a negative first impression you’ll want to fix it.

2. Boost Your Curb Appeal: There is a saying we share with our clients, “If they don’t like the outside, you’ll never get them on the inside”! Curb appeal matters! If your yard is overgrown, or if your paint is peeling, your mailbox dingy and your drive-way stained, this will reflect poorly on home buyers, who will questions what the inside of your home looks like. Never give buyers the chance disregard your home in favor of a competitive property. Make your home appealing from the curb with fresh paint, pretty flowers, a new Welcome mat, and a clean walk-way. Here is a great article from One Kings Lane to help you create great curb appeal. You can read it here!

3. Remove the Clutter: Yes, you probably hear this tip all the time, but it can’t be stressed enough. Buyers must have the ability to visualize themselves living in your space. Reducing clutter helps to showcase all of the great features of your home and enables buyers better imagine themselves living there.

4. Make Your Home Sparkle: There are just no “if’s, and’s or buts,” when it comes to making sure your home sparkles. Once you de-clutter your home, it will probably be a little easier to keep it clean.
A great tip from one of our top Home Stagers is to wash dishes daily, pick up toys every night before going to bed and always beware of pet odors.

5. Do Those Home Repairs: Unless you are working with an investor, most home buyers are not interested in paying full price for a property that needs repairs. As you walk through your home and make your first impressions list, make a note of any repairs that should be made. Be sure to look at floors, baseboards, hardware, light fixtures, and paint. Remember: Painting your home in a neutral color will enhance the space and appeal to a wider range of home buyers.

6. Optimize the Home’s Square Footage: Removing extra furniture and making sure your home flows nicely will maximize your square footage. An awkward flow make sit harder for a potential buyer to visualize how they would use the space.

7. FEEL Home: Our “FEEL Home” philosophy, which you can download here, is all about creating an atmosphere that makes buyers “feel home”. Emotions play a big part in the home buying business. Forgie Home Staging & Redesign believes that successful staging is the art of using marketing and design techniques to create an environment that buyers can “aspire” to. “If I buy this house, I can live like this.” At Forgie Home Staging & Redesign we use the art of “positioning” to create several “emotional connection points” throughout the home so that when a buyer steps into the house they “feel home.”; and say, “This is it. This is the one”.

If you would like some extra help, call us to learn more about our home staging services and our Prepare, Package & Promote program.

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