For Sale By OwnerTriumphant home owners and successful real estate agents understand that attracting the highest number of buyer’s means using the right visual tools. Home selling requires the use of many different tools and strategies.

One of the best tools for attracting home buyers is an old-fashioned yard sign. If you live in a community that allows you to place a For Sale sign in your yard, these 5 tips will help it stand-out:

1. Clear Line of Site. Test your signs effectiveness by driving by your house. Make sure that the sign can be seen from a distance and that it is not blocked by trees or bushes.

2. Close to the Road. The closer your sign is to a buyer’s view, the greater the probability that the buyer will see it. You may need to check with your local city planning office about the position of your “For Sale” sign, as some cities and homeowners associations forbid or put limits on sign positioning.

3. Easy to Remember Phone Numbers. When a buyer is driving by your home, they may only have a few seconds to catch a glimpse of your phone number. Make sure the print is large enough for buyers to see the number clearly from the curb. Savvy sellers and real estate agents even purchase “Vanity” phone numbers that are easily remembered. Also, make sure that the sign is free of any debris or dirt – this means giving it a good wipe-down daily.

4. Sign Riders. A sign rider is a small sign attached to your main sign that describes the homes highlighted features. Does a Rider Work? Using one or two riders can help invoke a buyer’s interest as it gives them more details of the property. Be cautious; don’t over load with too many, as you can easily end up with a sign that looks cluttered and confusing.

5. Directional Signs. Directional signs point to our homes location from the surrounding side streets. This will increase the number of buyers who will know that your home is for sale.

I hope you find these tips helpful! Have a wonderful day!



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