ImaginationRedesigning a bedroom doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. If you follow these 10 tips you will get the best value for your money.

1.  Use a Critical Eye:
Stand in the doorway of your bedroom and slowly let your eyes travel across the entire room.  Begin on the left and allow your eyes to take in everything, being sure to include all of the walls.  Be honest with yourself. What needs to be replaced? Tossed? Painted? Repaired? Do you have accessories or bedding and pillows in other rooms that you can repurpose by using in this room?

2.  Create a Focal point: Every room should have a focal point and in the bedroom it’s usually the bed itself. However, if you have a nice architectural feature such as a bay window, use this to draw the eye towards it and the focus will be diverted!

3.  Use Color and Patterns:
Consider using a contrasting pattern or color on one wall – the wall behind the bed can be used as a nice way to compliment your new bedroom linens or duvet cover.

4.  Add texture:
Use a combination of different textures, for example matte wall paint, high gloss doors and window frames, smooth bedding or long piled rugs.

5.  Update the Bedding:
This is probably the quickest and most costs effective way to bring a fresh new look to your bedroom. Look for linens that compliment your existing color scheme and décor’. Better yet, invest in a duvet and then you simply need to buy duvet covers to update your look and color scheme.

6.  Dress-Up the Windows:
By simply adding new blinds or inexpensive curtains you can turn a dark and gloomy bedroom into a bright and airy retreat.

7.  Don’t Forget the Floors:
If your carpet is stained or needs to be replaced, you have a few options:  You can use area rugs (most affordable), replace the carpet completely or consider laminated flooring.

8.  Lighting:
There is nothing like soft, gentle lighting in the bedroom.  Try adding bedside table lamps  rather than using harsh overhead lighting or lighting from ceiling fans.

9.  Seasonal Accessories:
Using seasonal accessories is a great way to keep a bedroom looking fresh. Change the color of your bed linens or duvet cover and add some bed pillows to match the changing seasons.

10.  Use Things Found in Nature:
Using nature in your bedroom is always an affordable way to change and update the look.  Fill a glass bowl with sand and add some seashells or take a large, clear vase and fill it with pine cones.  You can create some stunning looks by accessorizing and tying it  in to your seasonal theme.

As you can see , there are a lot of ways you can redesign your bedroom without spending a fortune. Remember to use your IMAGINATION!

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