You’ve probably heard the statement, “Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses”. If you’re a home seller who really wants your house to be sold fast, replacing outdated countertops in the kitchen can help make that happen.  Solid-surface, natural stone or quartz countertops will help sell your home.

When a property is listed above the $350,000 range, I highly recommend to home sellers that they make the updgrade. If it’s below that, there is absoluteky nothing that will sell a home faster and for  more money.  Buyers on the lower end will swoon over them and will always choose a home with solid-surface countertops over other homes in their price range that don’t have them.

Personally, I am not a big fan of granite and home buyers can find it very busy, with up to five colors in some patterns.  I always recommend tou choose the least-busy granite possible if you decide to go that route.  Stay away from any granite that has pink, orange, or red in it.

Here are some “safe” choices of granite countertops. Slabs should be carefuilly inspected prior to purchase, as each slad can be quite different and vary greatly in coloir and the amount of veining.

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